I have a cute wee hobby that I thought might give our Rogues a giggle!

I live in a small rural village, and there are forest trails and a nature reserve just a short walk away.
Sometimes, I will take a walk into the woods and find a nice piece of wood on the forest floor, and spend a happy few minutes whittling it with my little Swiss army knife – usually into the shape of a Mushroom!

I find it very therapeutic!
And…. best of all… when I’ve finished carving…. I “release” them back into the wild!!! LOL

After a few days, the colour mutes down to match the natural colour of a mushroom, and they look right at home among the trees there.

The thing is… sometimes… they go missing!

So, I think that someone must like them? and I do have a wee giggle when I picture a little kid or maybe an old lady somewhere with a collection of my old mushroom carvings… thinking that they have been made by elves or faery-folk!!!

So, Rogue Bloggers… What quirky or fun hobbies do you get up to?


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