It’s GOOD for the Soul…

I’m sure that there are lots of things that are inherently GOOD for the soul, but in this case I am talking about un-plugging and getting away from this modern lifestyle that seems to envelope us all these days!

The View from Camp

There is nothing that I like better, when I’m feeling stressed-out than switching OFF the computer and mobile phone and heading off in my camper van or tent to find some nice quiet, green place to relax in for a few hours or preferably days!

Parked Up

My idea of heaven on Earth is sitting by a camp-fire, beside a babbling brook, near mountains and trees, playing guitar and sipping on a nice Single Malt Scotch Whisky! (Not to mention… My Hammock!)

Viewing the Camp Fire Through a Nice Big Dram

Add in a couple of good friends and it becomes MAGICAL!
Everyone should make it their goal to take some time out to just sit in the fresh air. Take a walk up a hill. Paddle in a mountain stream. Breathe the air.
Go on… You Know You Want To!

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