It’s a Rogue’s LIFE

A Rogue’s Life?

I’ve been thinking…. (YES, I know it doesn’t happen that often!)
This thing we call LIFE.
We’ve got it all wrong.
For hundreds of thousands of years, our ancestors woke up, scratched their dangly bits, ate, drank, hunted (or foraged), made love, and then slept again (about 3 secs after the love-making!).

Now, we seem to have messed it all up?

We get woken up by a BEEPING electronic device, rush into an artificially hot shower where we smother ourselves in garishly coloured chemical cocktails, dress in our man-made fibre clothes, hurriedly eat factory-produced sugar/salt/fat-laden crapola, jump into our environment-polluting machines which convey us to our place of toil, sometimes hours away, we stress and fret and hurry to meet deadlines, we worry about time & money, we worry about relationships, we are tied to our plastic & chrome electronic devices which slowly microwave our remaining brain-cells, we cram un-savoury snacks into our bellies to help us make it through to the end of the day, we rush back home, trying to “beat” the traffic as they all churn out their suffocating fumes, then we get home, eat more sugar/salt/fat laden crap, slump in front of our brain-sucking life-numbing goggleboxes and end up completely stressed, drained, exhausted and unhappy.

Life should be healthy & fun.
And it’s up to YOU to make it so.
Yes, YOU!
Work out what is stressing you and get rid of it.
Work out what you LOVE and surround yourself with it.
What do you REALLY NEED? (Besides Fresh Air, Clean Water, Nutritious Food, Someone to Love and Good Company.) Go get it!
What makes you REALLY HAPPY? Go do it!
The best things in life really ARE free.

I think our ancient ancestors got it… (mostly) right.


  1. When I was a seedling I remember most fondly the toys we were so happy to get. So much so that we would almost pee our cowboy print pajamas on Christmas (can I still say that?) morning.

    This was the dream if we even got only one or two and the rest of the colored paper surprises were socks and underwear…which they usually were. lol

    Water Balloon
    Silly Putty
    Fisher-Price Little People
    Paint-by-Numbers Kit
    Mr. Potato Head
    Wiffle Ball
    Matchbox Car
    PEZ Dispenser
    Tonka Truck
    Corn Popper
    Two-Handed Pogo Stick
    Hula Hoop
    Troll Doll
    Plarail Toy Train
    Chatty Cathy
    Fake Vomit
    Etch A Sketch
    Slip ‘n Slide
    Chatter Telephone
    G.I. Joe
    Easy-Bake Oven
    Creepy Crawlers
    Rock’em Sock’em Robots
    Johnny Seven O.M.A.
    See ‘n Say
    Barrel of Monkeys
    Radio-Controlled Car
    Hot Wheels
    Flatsy Doll
    Barbie’s Dream House
    NERF Ball
    Paddington Bear
    Baby Alive
    Shrinky Dinks
    Magna Doodle
    Rubik’s Cube
    Stretch Armstrong
    Star Wars Action Figure
    Mattel Classic Football
    Speak & Spell
    Star Trek Electronic Phasers

    Now? If it doesn’t cost a hundred bucks minimum or have at least a Motherboard to operate… It ain’t wanted.

    $600 Cell Phones for 8 yr olds, or I-Everythings, $400 game systems and not to forget $75 games of which you need at least 1/2 dozen to start and many more through the year.

    We could make a game last all day with a stick. We would leave Saturday morning and not come home until the street lights came on. Sundays? Disappear altogether.

    Today the kids have mold on their asses and dark spots under their eyes from lack of fresh air and sunlight.

    I could go on but I have to deal with…you all know. Just needed to blow off some steam.


  2. Couldn’t agree more!

    I sat outside yesterday, watching the grandsons play in the pool, and staring at the sky. In just one hour, I saw 6 jets cross the sky, and received 2 phone calls. (which I ignored) There is no “quiet” anymore. There is no “homemade” anymore. What a sad state we are in today.

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