The Canadian Cannabis Act

Under the new proposed Bill, cannabis use will be legalized in Canada, no later than July 2018 and purists are already screaming at the top of their lungs against it.

One one hand, these so called health activists are fearful of an incoming deterioration of road safety and irreparable future work issues.

On the other hand, the Government claims that legalizing pot insures teens protection.

They are both wrong.

Driving under the influence, be it alcohol or drugs is already being reinforced through advertising hitting us daily; advertising coming from our municipal, provincial and federal platforms. “If you’re high, don’t drive” is as pertinent as “Don’t drink and drive” nowadays. Texting while driving still kills more of our youth than drugs and alcohol, but it is dangerously ignored.

Purists are also concerned about future work issues, comparing the use of cannabis to being an alcoholic, all the while forgetting than an alcoholic (unless being a recidivist) won’t get to work wasted. Not to mention that the regulars that already have their ‘spliff’ on breaks will just continue to do so. Not everyone will start smoking ‘pot’ because it becomes legal and those who do (for the most majority) will do it in the comfort of their own homes.

Now, claiming that this new Bill will protect our teens from the black market already in place is laughable at best and could not be any further from the truth.

In high schools, 50% of our teens will have ‘tried’ being high before they get their diplomas. Thinking that regulating legalized marijuana for 18+ is a safe gate is as ludicrous as trying to keep them from having a beer from time to time or having a smoke. I was in that exact same position forty years ago and I already enjoyed my occasional cigarettes, beers and spliffs. Acapulco gold, anyone?

Claiming teen security is not only a joke, it is a diversion in order to hide the real reason for legalizing cannabis.


Which I don’t expect will be spent on fixing our roads that are filled with potholes, or our educational system which gets buried under exorbitant costs or even our medical system where one waits 12+ hours to see a doctor.

Nothing we can do to change that, it seems.

Comes July 2018, I’ll sit on my couch, put my feet up, look outside my window, and light up a joint.

I’ll try and find some reason to celebrate.


This is Solarius, for Rogue-Nation Blogs.

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